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648 Billion Sunrises

Dr Patrick Roycroft

Is the Sugar Loaf a volcano? Have meteorites ever struck Ireland?

Are there emeralds on the Emerald Isle?

648 Billion Sunrises is a general introduction to the geological wonders of Ireland written in a fun, informative and accessibly humorous way. The author uses famous geological cases, biographical sketches, historical contexts, his own experience as a practising geologist, and brand new research done especially for this book to provide insight into this popular field. Presented in miscellany format, 648 Billion Sunrises engages the general reader with diverse topics of popular interest, with chapters including:

  • In the Beginning: A Short Geological History of Ireland
  • When Is Not a Volcano a Volcano? When It’s a Sugar Loaf
  • Ireland’s Jurassic Park
  • The Aliens Have Landed: Meteorite Strikes
  • Irish Gemstones
  • Are Ireland's Gold Artefacts Really of Irish Gold?
  • Geology: A Fatal Attraction

This illustrated book is a versatile read that can be read cover to cover for a general overview of Irish geology or opened at any page for a titbit of geological information.

Aimed at the general public with an interest in Irish natural history, 648 Billion Sunrises is accessible to the reader unfamiliar with geology while also providing the technical detail to engage the student or academic.

Available in:


Publication Date

November 2015


978-1-909895-68-3 (Paperback)

No. of Pages



216 x 138


Earth Sciences

About the Author

Dr Patrick Roycroft holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from Trinity College Dublin and completed his PhD at University College Dublin. He was awarded two EU Marie Curie post-doctoral scholarships, including one to Marseille. He is currently an editor of the geological journal Elements and also gives guided tours with Ingenious Ireland.