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Exploring the Brighter Little Minds Series

Pamela Woodford

The Brighter Little Minds series uses stories to bring about positive psychological changes in children and young people. Now, this guide for teachers and parents provides fun activities and advice on how to build on and learn from the stories to help children dealing with issues such as anger management, bullying, panic attacks, autism, low self-esteem, disability, feeling left out, fear of the dark, sleep problems, depression, worrying, and much more. The stories also teach children about learning self-control, following rules, working together, developing empathy and autonomy, being accepted for who you are, thinking outside the box, making friends, accepting diversity, having fun, feeling safe and much more.

With plenty of colourful pictures and original ideas, Exploring the Brighter Little Minds Series is an essential companion guide, helping teachers, parents and therapists to get the best out of these engaging and therapeutic stories. This guide includes activities for groups and individuals, and ideas on how to incorporate them into your lesson plan.

Praise for the Brighter Little Minds series:

“Pamela’s stories are lovely, heart-warming and suitable for any audience. As well their therapeutic value, the stories have proven to be excellent resources for teaching.”

Dr Wendy Sims-Schouten, senior lecturer, School of Education and Continuing Studies, University of Portsmouth.

Available in:


Publication Date

October 2014


978-1-909895-54-6 (Paperback)

No. of Pages



210 x 210


Children's Books

About the Author

Pamela Woodford is a UK–based consultant psychotherapist who has developed a unique approach to treating children and adolescents suffering from conditions ranging from eating disorders, depression, low self–esteem, anger management, anxiety and self–harm to autism, sleep problems, lack of confidence and fear of the dark.