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Freddy Buttons and the Horrible Hornets

Fiona Dillon & Derry Dillon

Freddy Buttons loves eating honey made by the bees in his own back garden. It's so sticky and sweet.

But what if there were no honey bees in the garden at Tumbledown Cottage?

What if the beehives were attacked?

What would Freddy Buttons do?

Call the FBI of course!

Join Freddy Buttons on his adventures at Tumbledown Cottage, and learn interesting facts about where your food comes from as he solves foodie mysteries with the FBI. And don't forget to try the recipe!

Available in:


Publication Date

June 2015


978-1-909895-84-3 (Paperback)

No. of Pages



200 x 200


Juvenile Fiction

About the Author

Fiona Dillon has a pet. It's not a cat. It's not a dog. It's a goose. A gander to be exact. He follows her everywhere. He even eats out of her hand! Fiona has a garden just like the one at Tumbledown Cottage. Collecting eggs in the garden is her favourite thing to do. Her second most favourite thing is to sit in the strawberry patch and eat the strawberries. She writes books for grown-ups too at www.fionadillon.com but what she really loves is writing about Freddy Buttons and his animal friends at www.freddybuttons.com.

About the Illustrator

Derry Dillon is a freelance illustrator based in Pollerton, Carlow. He has a background in graphic design, lecturing and educational publishing and exhibits his artwork regularly.