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How To Be Irish

David Slattery

From the quintessential Irish Mammy to love for all things GAA, the Irish have a particularities – and peculiarities – that make us different from our neighbours.

Social anthropologist David Slattery takes us through the rules of being Irish with deadpan humour, from how to approach an Irish wedding or funeral to the Irish attitude to health, business, politics, death, Christmas and being cool.

For his research, David canvassed undercover for a major political party during the recent election campaign, attended opportune weddings and funerals, and interviewed doctors, psychiatrists, and a bunch of builders: ‘I have begged, spied, knocked down my house, got a job, dressed in drag and drank in many pubs – all in the interest of science.’

A unique popular anthropology book about being Irish, not only will this book prove instructive to the tourist or foreigner who wants to blend in without a fuss, but the Irish will find it interesting as a mirror to how we are.

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Publication Date

October 2011


978-1-871305-24-1 (Paperback)

No. of Pages



216 x 138


Irish Culture & Society

About the Author

David Slattery has a doctorate in Social Anthropology and has taught in a number of universities. He currently works as a course developer and education consultant.