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Know Your Rights

Andrew McCann

Know Your Rights: Employment and Family brings together the most up-to-date information on:

  • Family law, including the Civil Partnership Act, from marriage to divorce; adoption to guardianship; sale of the family home to wills and inheritance; domestic violence to custody.
  • The rights of the employee and the employer, including terms of employment, notice periods, redundancy, unfair dismissal, payment of wages, sick pay and sick leave.

Using a question-and-answer format in order to apply the information to real examples, Know Your Rights: Employment and Family is an indispensable guide for all households.

Available in:


Publication Date

October 2012


978-1-871305-77-7 (Paperback)

No. of Pages



216 x 138



About the Author

Andrew McCann is known nationwide for his clear, direct and relevant advice on all things related to social and civic entitlements and rights. Author of the well–known Know Your Rights: A Guide to Your Social and Civic Entitlements and Know Your Rights: A Practical Guide to Living in Challenging Times, Andrew is a frequent guest on national and local radio and TV3's Ireland AM.