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The Baby Wait:

Lyn Sharky

The author of The Baby Wait has struggled with fertility issues for the past eight years. She believes that every woman needs to educate herself about her own fertility and has written this book to be the guide she wished she had when she began her conception journey.


  • Experts are predicting that, within ten years, one in four couples will face fertility challenges.
  • The Baby Wait is written in a frank, open manner from the perspective of a woman who has had fertility challenges for many years.
  • In The Baby Wait, Lyn Sharkey advises women, from her own personal experience, what they can do to ready their bodies for conception, how to increase their chances of conceiving and what steps to take if they encounter fertility challenges.
  • The book covers diverse topics such as diet and healthy living, as well as providing an explanation of key medical terms and phrases.
  • It also deals with the emotional impact of trying to conceive and how to help a friend who has fertility challenges.


Available in:

Paperback ePub

Publication Date

February 2013


978-1-871305-95-1 (Paperback)

978-1-909518-42-1 (ePub)

No. of Pages



216 x 138


Health & Fitness
Personal Development

About the Author

Lyn Sharkey is the director of two companies, one of which distributes the Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Test in Ireland.