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The Complete Guide to the Statues and Sculptures of Dublin City

Neal Doherty

Do you know where the Ten Virgins are located on O’Connell Street?

Do you know what piece of music is featured on the statue of Daniel O’Connell?

Do you know which Dublin statue has a hat and a cat as symbols of freedom?

The Complete Guide to the Statues and Sculptures of Dublin City provides answers to these questions and uncovers the stories behind the statues, their subjects, their sculptors and their symbolism. More than two hundred items are featured within the Grand and Royal Canals. These works of art tell the story of Dublin, from the arrival of the Vikings and the oppression of the Penal Laws, through the rich Georgian era and the horror of the Famine, to the fight for Irish freedom and on to the modernity of the twenty-first century. With each work the artist tells a story that can be read, understood and appreciated, capturing not just the leaders, but the myths, the writers, the thinkers, the scientists and the dreamers who have shaped Dublin and Ireland over the centuries.

With full-colour photographs and detailed maps, The Complete Guide to the Statues and Sculptures of Dublin City will entertain and inform visitors and locals alike, while providing a beautiful and practical walking guide to both the history and the public art of the capital city. It will also prove useful to tour guides, hoteliers and all those working in the hospitality industry.

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Publication Date

May 2015


978-1-909895-72-0 (Paperback)

----0 (ePub)

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210 x 148


Irish Culture & Society

About the Author

Neal Doherty is a true–blue Dubliner and Fáilte Ireland qualified tour guide who has been introducing tourists to the history and culture of Dublin for many years. He spent his career as a divisional manager in Nestlé, and would often show visiting executives around this city. From this he developed his love of history and tour guiding, and after retirement he developed a new career as a tour guide. Now he gives tours in English and French every day to some of the thousands of tourists who visit Dublin each year.