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The Women's Health Book:

Dr Rachel Mackey

The Women’s Health Book is an all-in guide to female health written by Dr Rachel Mackey, women's health specialist and owner of the Women’s Health Clinic in Dun Laoghaire.

The Women’s Health Book:


  • Is a thorough and all-encompassing guide to female-related health and wellness.
  • Is written in an accessible style and includes black and white illustrations.
  • Covers health from the teenage years up to the later years of life, including identifying symptoms and treatment options.
  • Includes topics such as adolescent gynaecology, female cancers, heart-related issues, osteoporosis, the menopause, pregnancy, infertility and all issues particularly related to the female anatomy.

    An essential addition to any woman’s bookshelf.

    'A must-read for anyone concerned about staying well.' Prudence

    'An extensively illustrated jargon-free book [that] discusses all aspects of maintaining female health and – with increasing numbers of women choosing to have children later in life – there is significant coverage of the issues connected to reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.’ Social & Personal


Available in:

Paperback ePub

Publication Date

February 2013


978-1-871305-87-6 (Paperback)

978-1-909518-11-7 (ePub)

No. of Pages



210 x 148


Health & Fitness

About the Author

Rachel Mackey is a women's health specialist. She opened the unique Women’s Health Clinic in May 2007 in the Dun Laoghaire area, offering a wide range of services using her extensive obstetric and gynaecological expertise.