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Watching Raindrops

Pamela Woodford

“Plip-plop, whoosh ... well, oh well, brolly, brolly, broosh!”

You might have noticed that when it rains really hard there are puddles all over the place, puddles you can jump right into and splash about in!

But umbrellas also enjoy the rain. One day, an umbrella gets left behind in the house on a rainy day, which for an umbrella isn’t very pleasant! But soon it meets with an adventurous raindrop in search of a friend.

Discover how the umbrella opens itself up, shakes itself about and strikes up an unlikely friendship.

All the stories in the Brighter Little Minds series encourage the reader/listener to use their imagination in a positive way. There are also suggestions for activities that aim to further embed the learning and therapeutic metaphor.

Watching Raindrops addresses such issues as feeling left out, not being chosen, developing empathy, making friends, having fun, lack of self esteem, being fostered or adopted, accepting diversity and much more.

“No child can flourish unless the patterns of greater possibilities are first grasped in imagination. By imaginatively engaging young minds in her tales, Pamela does a great service, not only to the children themselves but to their families and the wider community.” Ivan Tyrrell, psychotherapist, tutor and author

Available in:


Publication Date

February 2013


978-1-871305-84-5 (Paperback)

No. of Pages



210 x 210


Juvenile Fiction
Children's Books

About the Author

Pamela Woodford is a UK–based consultant psychotherapist who has developed a unique approach to treating children and adolescents suffering from conditions ranging from eating disorders, depression, low self–esteem, anger management, anxiety and self–harm to autism, sleep problems, lack of confidence and fear of the dark.