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Barbara Duff, author of Rekindle the Spark

Ever wish that you could wave a magic wand over your marriage?

This Christmas, you can do just that, by giving your partner the gift of a lifetime – Rekindle the Spark – ten steps to revitalise your relationship. This little gem contains ten simple steps to help you and your partner grow closer together. It just requires a commitment from you to give your relationship the attention it deserves.

Having worked as a marriage counsellor and psychosexual therapist for almost thirty years, I felt that many problems could be pre-empted if not prevented altogether, by couples having a relationship checkup from time to time.

Every aspect of our lives benefits from reflection. We have checkups for our health, our finances, even our cars. Yet somehow, few of us take time to reflect on our relationship with the most important person in our lives.

So, if you are happily married but want to invest time in your relationship, Rekindle the Spark is the book for you.  It is a ten-step programme designed to help reflect on your marriage to date, to get to know yourself and your partner more fully and to explore effective ways of communication.

It looks at the art of good listening, how we express feelings and how to resolve differences in a loving and respectful way. It will also help you appreciate what is working well in your marriage.

Who could benefit from this book?

Whether you have been married for seven years, or like me, for 47 years, there is a lot to be gained from focusing on the two of you as a couple – to see what is so good about being together but also to realise that all couples have challenges to face.

For example, once children come along, as every parent knows, our focus shifts and rightly so. But with that shift in focus, there is a risk of losing sight of the couple you once were. Yet, I am convinced that children thrive best not just by receiving love from their parents, but by witnessing their parents’ love for one another.

This is why I say Rekindle the Sparkten steps to revitalise your relationship could be the gift of a lifetime – because it is the gift of your time, perhaps the most precious commodity of all.

What the experts say:

Both my wife and I read your book and found it extremely insightful…. What makes Rekindle the Spark so good is that it is written in a very concise style where the insights and tools skip off every page in ways that are easily understood and digestible by the reader…

Enda Murphy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

This is a book to read quietly, to study carefully, to use wisely and to value for its practicality. May this book find its way to all those couples and all those people who need to read it and benefit from it.

Dr. Marie Murray
Clinical Psychologist
Rekindle the Spark: Ten Steps to Revitalise Your Relationship