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submissions 2024

Guidelines for Book Proposals (submission)

The key points to bear in mind are:

  • Who you are writing for
  • The structure of the book
  • How you can offer something different from competing titles 

Please send the following:

  1. A 300–500 word description of the aim and scope of the publication (i.e. features and benefits for the reader, intended style, topics covered, why you see a need for such a book, where the idea originates from, etc.)
  2. A list of chapter headings with a short synopsis of each chapter
  3. Proposed length of text (number of words) and estimated delivery date. Please be realistic here
  4. Two sample chapters
  5. Brief biographical details, including details of other published work
  6. A definition of the target market/readership
  7. Details of comparable or competitive titles and why this one is different
  8. Details of any marketing support you will be able to provide, e.g. mailing lists, contacts, etc.

We prefer for proposals to be submitted by email to [email protected].