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The Best of Brian - Brian D'Arcy
The Best of Brian is a collection of the best writing from this popular priest, interspersed with new material from the last three years. As he heads towards his eighties, Fr Brian D’Arcy’s wisdom has never been so timely.
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Galway: Making a Capital of Culture
'[This book] seeks to trace the unique nature of the bond between arts, culture, economy and the making of modern Galway' – From the foreword by President Michael D. Higgins
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In My Own Words - Seán Quinn
In this book Seán Quinn tells his own story for the first time, from leaving school at 15 to becoming Ireland's richest man, and then losing it all.
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Tides Go Out - Julian Vignoles
‘A tender, beautifully written book about memory, secrets and marriage.’ – Rachael English
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Caution to the Wind - Terry Prone
‘If I ever can remember enough to write a memoir, I hope it’s half as good as this one. … Terry is always deep, always thoughtful and has the incredible and rare gift of being able to see humour in all of life.’ – Cathy Kelly, author
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Ireland at the Crossroads - Theresa O'Donohoe
'… part diary, part eyewitness testament, part community how-to guide. But mostly it is a rallying call for active citizenship. It’s also a warning about the personal consequences of speaking out in a growing climate of hate – and the even graver societal consequences of staying silent.' – Neil Leslie, editor of the Irish Daily Star
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Stories from the Heart of Ireland - Brendan Power
61 stories of inspiration and hope in aid of Make-A-Wish Ireland from well-known figures such as Joe Duffy, Adi Roche and Cathy Kelly.
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