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Care of Leadership: A Practice for Developing Leadership Effectiveness

I am a human development consultant working with individuals, teams and organisations to realise their dreams and goals. My training programmes and coaching act as catalysts in awakening people’s potential and moving them forward in the direction of their growth. Before setting up my consultancy in 2001 I held quality managerial roles in the pharmaceutical, medical device and allied sectors for 20 years.

My overarching goal in life is to grow and evolve; to develop my gifts and talents to the fullest and in doing so, to help others realise their potential. Care of Leadership, which is my first book, is designed to support current and future leaders.

I saw a gap in the marketplace on the treatment of the subject of leadership. Care of Leadership adopts a novel approach – it is a personal development journey for leaders to bring out the best leader within, this book embraces the whole leader. Ten chapters introduce the core qualities identified for developing leadership effectiveness. At each chapter-end, a coaching style approach is used with provocative questions to challenge the leader. C-A-R-E in the title stands for conscious awareness (CA) and reflective exercises (RE) with specific prompts inviting the leader firstly to become consciously aware of their actions and behaviours, and then to reflect on the resulting outcomes. Leaders are encouraged to make a choice to change; embrace more enabling behaviours; and to follow up by making a commitment to action through setting goals.

This book reassures leaders that leadership can be taught and that leading is a choiceCare of Leadership creates a clear path for leaders to become more effective and fulfilled in their leadership role. Leaders are invited to take charge of their own development in this slim workbook style publication.

This book is aimed at leaders be they managing directors, line managers, team leaders or aspiring leaders. It has applicability across the entire business spectrum from SMEs to corporations and is equally valid for private and public sectors.

I am personally committed to helping leaders evolve, which is the reason I developed Care of Leadership training programs, to support leaders beyond the book itself. The highly interactive programmes are both online and in a face-to-face format; as is executive coaching, to further deepen your leadership journey.

Ann McGarry
Ann McGarry